Students Urged To Propose Laws

There are thousands of laws on the books in California.

Most of us have no idea what most of those laws are.

Every year, California lawmakers heap more laws onto the plates of Californians.

And once again, California is asking its high school students to propose new laws.

It’s time for the “There ought to be a law” contest.

Any student in grade 9 through 12, living in the 28th State Senate District who has an idea about a law they would like to see implemented in the state, has until December 5th to submit their proposal.

Download an entry form at

Last year’s winner of the contest was Roberto Ortega of Shadow Hills High School in Indio.

He proposed that every student in California be taught  financial literacy,  before they are allowed to graduate from high school.

Apparently over the past several decades that idea had never been discussed by state lawmakers in Sacramento, all of whom earn 6-figure salaries.

School Administrators at every level, also failed to implement financial literacy training for students, until Mr. Ortega came forward.


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