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    Nepal quake triggers deadly avalanche on Everest

    Avalanche strikes between notoriously treacherous rugged area of collapsed ice, snow and base camp

    Saturday, 11:47 AM PST

    Earthquake rocks Nepal

    A powerful earthquake struck near Kathmandu, killing hundreds

    Saturday, 9:05 AM PST

    Thousands mark centennial of Armenian genocide

    About a hundred-thousand people marched through Los Angeles to mark the centennial of the Armenian genocide. It's believed 1.5 million Armenians died at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915, but the Turkish government still refuses to concede it was genocide. Vinita Nair reports.

    Saturday, 9:04 AM PST

    Holmes' mental state key in Aurora massacre trial

    The death penalty trial into the Colorado movie theatre massacre is set to begin. Police say James Holmes opened fire in a crowded theatre near Denver, during a late night showing of a Batman movie. 12 people were killed, and 70 were injured. Barry Petersen reports on the details of the case.

    Saturday, 9:04 AM PST

    New details revealed on extremists' planned attack on Vatican

    Italian authorities are holding at least nine alleged terrorists. Prosecutors say the suspects were involved in a plot against the Vatican that they never carried out, after learning the police were on their trail. Allen Pizzey has more on the investigation.

    Saturday, 8:53 AM PST

    Chile volcano eruption: Ash could contaminate water, trigger illnesses

    The erupting volcano in southern Chile has forced thousands of people from their homes and could contaminate water for miles around. The first eruption was on Wednesday, followed by a second eruption, and the Chilean government is warning there could be more. Michelle Miller reports.

    Saturday, 8:52 AM PST

    President apologizes for deaths of hostages in drone strike

    The death of an American-held hostage by al-Qaeda by a U.S. drone is prompting a major review on how drone strikes are carried out. It's also giving further urgency to overhauling how the government communicates with the families of U.S. hostages. President Obama apologized after American aid worker Warren Weinstein was killed. Mark Albert reports.

    Saturday, 8:39 AM PST

    Questions arise about U.S. hostage policy and drones

    The White House said it operates drone strikes with "near certainty" that civilians won't be harmed. But, more questions are being raised after American aid worker Warren Weinstein was killed in a U.S. drone strike in a remote part of Pakistan. CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate reports from Washington with more on the U.S. drone policy.

    Saturday, 8:38 AM PST

    Deadly earthquake hits Nepal

    The quake was a magnitude 7.8, and is the worst to strike Nepal in more than 80 years. It toppled walls and knocked down buildings in the capital, Kathmandu. Charlie D’Agata reports from London on the latest developments.

    Saturday, 8:32 AM PST

    More than a thousand die in powerful Nepal earthquake

    Death toll almost certain to rise following country's worst tremor in decades

    Saturday, 7:28 AM PST

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