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Chad Thomas” Benson is an accomplished talk Show Host, voiceover, production and commercial talent boasting over 22 years experience in the entertainment industry. Chad graduated from Cypress High School in Southern California in 1989 and was off and running –literally—to see the world. Fresh out of school, he left everything he knew at home to play professional soccer in Europe and was talented enough to be signed onto the rosters of several teams including the Bristol Rovers, the Fallkirk Scotland and the Portsmouth Football Club. Shortly after his “football” career ended he headed back to the states to “play radio” at stations like KYMS, KIK, KZLA andKEZY in Los Angeles. A few years later, he headed back across the pond to take a gig at Talk Radio UK where his gift of gab was utilized on-air with Adrian Marshall and Jeremy Scott, and the trio had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest stars on the planet including Bono, Helmut Cole, Boy George, and Noel and Liam Gallagher. The show was a smashing success, and attracted over quarter-million listeners per week.

In 1996, Chad headed back to KRTH in Los Angeles as the Executive Producer of the Robert W. Morgan Show and honed his skills as a voice artist for several Hollywood productions. His resume continued to grow over the years, and fans of “Droopy the Dog” hear Chad’s voice as the signature Hanna Barbera character,  Chad relocated to Northern California where he’s continued to grow his passion for media. Then after several years as a Full time Voice artist He went back into radio as creative director and Talk Host for BMP radio in San Antonio for KTSA . Plus In addition to his successful voiceover business, he also images several radio stations nationwide and works part-time with an impressive roster of local and national clients. But for all his achievements his best accomplishment is being a dad to his son Jack Benson who has changed his world.

Jeremy Hovies
Jeremy is a radio professional with nearly 20 years of experience in talk and music programming, as well as production. His roles have included: On-Air Talent (both music and talk), Executive Producer, Producer, Music Director, News Editor, News Reporter, Technical Director, Associate Producer, Board Operator and Call Screener. His experience spans webcasting, local AM & FM radio, network radio and satellite radio.

In his mid-20’s, during a time in his life when he was recovering from a life-threatening medical condition, Jeremy began to ponder what he might do career-wise, given that his health was improving. That question was answered one night as Jeremy walked through a bar in Seattle, stumbled upon a friend who worked in radio broadcasting whom he hadn’t seen in a few years, who then asked Jeremy if he wanted to become a broadcaster for a new internet-radio start-up company. Jeremy agreed.

From there, he was introduced into the world of broadcasting where his experience expanded from internet radio (Stellar Networks), to satellite radio (Sirius), to traditional/terrestrial radio broadcasting (KNews 94.3 FM). Those moves through the different aspects of broadcasting allowed Jeremy to move from the Emerald City, to the Big Apple, and then sunny Southern California, where he eventually met Chad and became his on-air partner in crime.

“Everything I’ve accomplished in this business has led me to where I am now, which is where I want to be: as Chad’s co-host/sidekick and producer. I firmly believe we are the new sound of FM talk radio. My future in radio got a lot brighter since teaming up with Mr. Benson.”

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