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"Plan B" and Obama's Budget

Apr 05, 2013 -- 5:11pm
The Anita Rufus Show "The Lovable Liberal" -- This week -- Sunday, April 7
Thank goodness for federal judges who are above politics, like the one who just overturned the restriction on "Plan B" contraception for ALL young women -- without a prescription or parental involvement.  C'mon, in your heart you know that doesn't "cause" promiscuity! 
Finally, a budget proposal from the President that would reduce the deficit, invest in programs that can make a real difference, and attempt to appeal to Republicans for a "grand bargain" that would allow us to focus on other issues: guns, immigration, taking over both houses of Congress with filibuster-proof majorities (oops, did I say that out loud?).
You won't know if you don't listen!
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