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Unionization of the Republican Party

May 27, 2015 -- 2:12pm



Unionization of the Republican GOP Part 1

By Elise Richmond May 20, 2015

Do you believe that public sector unions like the SEIU and the teachers' union are looking out for the best interest of all the people in California? Are the unions in politics to help conservative ideas move forward in the state of California? Do the union bosses have the best interest of Republicans in mind? Would any Republican answer, "yes", to any of these questions?

On one day alone in 2014, the unions gave $1.59 million in campaign contributions to the California State Democrat Party. $7 hundred thousand came from the California Teachers Association alone.

I read an article from Jon Fleischman in, entitled, “Big Labor Scorecard reveals slavish Loyalty of California’s Legislators”.

Jon Fleischman’s article begins by saying that a couple of weeks ago a freshman Republican member of the State Assembly said to him, “You were right, this place is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the unions.”

Some additional excerpts from the article are: “The good news (or the bad news) is that if you actually want to see in great detail how much say these unions have in passing or killing legislation, you don’t have to do much in-depth research. Every year, the California Labor Federation actually puts out its own scorecard, listing its top legislative priorities and scoring California’s 120 legislators on how well they towed the union line." "The scorecard, using a total of 33 different bills that ran the gamut of labor issues, a huge percentage of them are bills that either increase the number of union positions, increase benefits for union members, or require particular types of projects to be reserved for union workers." "From 2003 to 2012 the California Teachers Association and the Service Employees International Union together spent a stunning $214,022,424 directly on candidates, independent expenditures, or ballot measure campaigns.”

The article ends with, “California: the best legislature big labor money can buy.”

I was excited to look at that score card to see how well our Republicans were fighting the fight for us against the unions. These are the same unions that work to defeat all of my Republican friends at election time and fight against the Republican Party that I want to continue to believe in.

I first looked up my friend, Tim Donnelly, who has been on my radio show many times. I hosted him on live remote with the Heritage Palms Republican Club. Tim went from a lifetime voting record of 6% with the unions to an 8% voting record with the union in 2014. That’s not bad, as I am a more moderate Republican than he is.

When I looked up my husband's friend, Assemblyman Eric Linder's score, Bob and I were flabbergasted. Remember that Bob has always supported Eric from the beginning of his political career. Eric’s voting record with the union went from 22% lifetime to 42% in 2014. You can well imagine our surprise and disappointment. Voting with the unions 42% of the time, when you are a Republican is unacceptable.

The next elected to check on was Melissa Melendez. Melissa has been a guest on my radio show. Bob has also always supported her. As chairman of the Riverside County Republican Party, Bob wrote her an endorsement in her first political campaign for city council. Melissa’s lifetime support for union bills was 15%. That was acceptable to Bob and me.

In my lifetime, I have found that I agree with the Democrats maybe between 10 and 15%, as both Bob and I are more moderate than some Republicans. I was a registered Democrat for 24 years, before growing up. In 2014, Melissa's vote for the union backed bills went up to 27%. This is too high for me, a reformed Democrat.

In fact, after checking the scorecard, all Republican legislators scored higher in 2014 than their lifetime averages. This is all unacceptable to me. Is this unacceptable to you? Republican legislators are being led more by public sector union bosses than led by conservative voters' ideals.

Remember the ad campaign, Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. Do whatever it takes to stop them. The ad was very effective in encouraging people to take action, so their friends didn’t bring harm to themselves and others. The ad empowered friends to take the responsibility to stop their friends from unacceptable behavior, DRIVING DRUNK.

The new Republican ad campaign that Bob and I are starting is: Republicans don’t let Republican legislators vote union, do whatever it takes to stop them. We want to encourage the Conservative Grassroots to tell our Republican legislators to stand up for us against the union bosses that control the state legislature. These are the same bosses that need a 2/3 majority to pass legislation, even if it means the vote of one Republican senator and four Republican assembly members.

Now, I started to look for the reasons that the scores went up. I began connecting the dots that might have caused this voting trend to go up, move to the left and so I checked all Republican legislators' union votes. Let's connect those dots now.

Prop 14, "top two" open primary, was passed by the voters and authored by the moderate Republican Senator Abel Maldonado. It was supported financially by money from moderate Republican Governor Schwarzenegger's Dream Team Pac.

“Conservatives and liberal activists are treated like fodder by this system. Special interests and the wealthy are out spending each other for control of the legislature. At the end of the day those elected, mostly with few exceptions, report to their donors instead of their constituents.” Stated by Stephen Frank Capital News and Views.

Charles Munger Jr. spent $3 million in 2010 registering independent voters, figuring they'd support Prop 14, which enacted California's "top-two" open primary, according to George Skelton Los ANGELES TIMES

"Prop 14, the initiative to put in place California's new top-two primary system, was backed by business interests and rich folks, such as Charles Munger Jr." Joe Matthew

I simply think that the unions try to influence the election with money and endorsements to the most pro-union moderate Republican candidate. Wow! Prop 14 was sold as a law to stop the gridlock between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party for a better California. It has not turned out to be better for California, but rather better for the union control of our state.

Under the leadership of Chairman Jim Brulte, the California Republican Party accepted contributions of $25 thousand from the SEIU and teachers union in 2013. In 2014 a donation from the SEIU sponsored PAC, Caring for Californians, gave $530 thousand to our California Republican Party. Caring for Californians is sponsored by the SEIU, the United Healthcare Workers West & California Association of Hospitals & Health Systems. That same SEIU PAC also gave $1.5 million to the Democrat State Party in 2014.

Red State blogs has a great article, describing how the union wants to destroy the California Republican Party. There is another article byStephen Frank on the SEIU, taking control of the state party. All of these articles were written before anyone knew about the $500 thousand donation, secured by Jim Brulte, the chairman of the state GOP. Before reading this article, how many of you knew this was going on?

Ed Ring from Unionwatch thinks this is wrong. A quote from ED’s article, “Public sector unions own California, and they own California’s Democratic Party. If you accept Brulte’s premises, his logic is unassailable. And union money going to the California Republican party, which in-turn is allocated to Republican candidates in strategic races, is not quite the same as union money going directly to the candidates. Either way, the more money the unions give, the more influence they will have. How can this play out?”

Ed didn’t even know about the $530 thousand that the SEIU gave to Jim Brulte, the leader of the Republican Party in 2014. Did Jim Brulte solicit this donate? He has said that his job, as leader, is to raise money. How did he convince the SEIU to give him the money? What was in it for the union bosses? Or, did the check just show up in the mail one day?


Have any of our state chairmen ever lobbied the unions for money? Would any of the chairmen have accepted this amount of money at a time, whether the party was in debt or not?

Do any of them think this is a good idea for our Republican party?

The SEIU has started a “Republican PAC” to support and influence moderate union friendly Republican candidates and help them get elected to support more union bosses. This PAC is called the Golden California Committee PAC. The committee wants to influence in Top Two Primaries and general elections, when two Republicans are running against each other. The SEIU donated $300 thousand to this Republican PAC. A meeting was held in 2014 to lobby and influence Republican assembly candidates and senators. Assemblyman Chad Mayes and Senator Anthony Canella were present.

The Golden California Committee PAC is a fraud, perpetrated by the SEIU. Not one single penny has ever been donated to any Republican candidate from this PAC, since its inception. However, you can bet that this PAC is still trying to influence and lobby our state legislators.

No Republicans received support from this so called Republican PAC. Unions are acting like Obama, which should be no shock to anyone. They say one thing and do the opposite.

This is what I want you take from this article. When unions donate money, they expect something in return. What do they expect? Votes! It is my opinion that the union bosses are out to influence our Republican leadership and state legislators and to destroy our party.

Republicans don’t let Republican legislators vote UNION! Do whatever it takes to stop them.

“Obviously, at the end of 2013 someone needs to create a voting record (with percentages and ranking) of how Republicans voted on labor issues in the California State Legislature. Then there will be some accountability to the voters.” Kevin Dayton from unionwatch.

Don’t forget Jon Fleishman’s saying, “California: the best legislature big labor money can buy.”


It was Double Miller Time and I don’t drink Beer

Mar 06, 2013 -- 11:08am

It was Double Miller Time and I don’t drink Beer

It stands to reason and not much does these days that Bob would give me tickets to see the Bill O’Reilly/Dennis Miller Show in LA for Christmas! Who would I be taking to use the other ticket? I think he knew in advance. Lol Bob also found out that Miller was performing solo the night before the LA show at the San Manuel Casino, so off we go to that show, too.

These men are brilliant, yet in different ways, but also share common ground, certainly enough common ground to be on the same stage. Both are quick on their feet with lots of humor thrown in, especially Miller. Miller has that dry, funny humor. And, oh yes, that humor that says, “I agree with you and am so glad that someone like you agrees with me."

Both men have incredible political insight, savvy and experience, plus common sense. Both men love America.

Miller had the lines and O’Reilly had the stories. Miller said that Pelosi looks like she is perpetually witnessing the landing of the Hindenburg and sleeps like a bat, upside down.

O’Reilly told candidate by candidate, why each one lost: Bachman, the Elvis birthday date mistake; Perry, not remembering which of the 3 departments to shut down. O’Reilly added that even his 9 year old was yelling to the TV… EPA, EPA. We all know what happened to 999 Cain…..true or not…..he was out; Santorum, hammered for his answers on birth control and more, and Gingrich’s ex, describing their “Open Marriage” on late night TV.

Bill knows Mitt Romney. It’s a Massachusetts thing. Bill even spoke to Ann Romney, asking her to persuade Mitt to come on The Factor on Monday night before the election. This was important, because the hurricane stories had sucked all of the Romney air right out of the political universe. There was no campaign trail left. I truly think that Bill O’Reilly’s Factor could have made a giant difference in the outcome. Bill O’Reilly is still puzzled. So am I.

The big unanswered question here is WHY? Why not go on The Factor? This is a no brainer! Just think of the millions of voters that would be watching. So many of those voters, we are told, did not make up theoir mind until the last minute. Who knows? The Factor could have saved us all.

Another reason to know just how out of touch Romney’s advisors, the ole Republican Party leaders, with the philosophy of “let’s do it like we did it when we got Reagan elected” really were and still are.

Republicans and our conservative message are not wrong, but our leaders sure are. They are not in the 21st Century yet! I personally am tired of waiting for them to get with it. When Ed Rollins was asked on Fox the morning after the election, “What happened?”, he started his answer with a line that started with “When we got Ronald Reagan re-elected, …….”

What, Ed? That was in 1984!

Step down Boys! It’s time! 

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